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Reflexology with Annie


I qualified as a reflexologist in 2007, and since then, I have treated many people with a wide variety of conditions.  Although they are not always aware of it, underlying stress is often a common denominator. Stress is only healthy if it is short-lived. Excessive or prolonged stress reaches deep into the body, disrupting mind, body and spirit, and ultimately your immune system, making you vulnerable to serious illness and complicating existing conditions. Relaxing and releasing stress, and finding constructive ways of coping with it may help to reduce the impact that a chronic condition has on you.

A reflexology session offers you the opportunity to achieve this. Clients’ comments and personal observation lead me to consider that reflexology may be beneficial for any stress related condition regardless of the label tied to the disorder.

My professional code of conduct does not permit me to diagnose, prescribe or claim to cure. Reflexology works on an individual basis, and it is not possible to know in advance how you or your body will respond. The only way to find out is to try it and see. Just one treatment should help you decide whether it will be of benefit to you. A course of treatments is generally 4 to 6 sessions, but in my practice many of my regular clients return at an interval of their choice, to top up on the well-being and relief that they tell me my treatments give them.

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