What are you most passionate about? 

I love my job and really enjoy the work I do. I am passionate about helping clients to the best of my ability.  This drives me on to delve deeper and learn more about my chosen therapies. Which leads me neatly to my passion for horses.  If you read my last post, you may remember I wrote that prior to signing up for the introductory Emmett 4 Horses course, my only experience of horses was from the other side of the fence, and yet I became an Advanced Horse Practitioner. 

Well, it turned out that I had an unexpected affinity with the horses at Horse Haven in Abermeurig where we did our training. On level 1 of the practitioner course, one of the horses claimed me as "his person" and we instantly found a deep connection (This non verbal connection has taught me a lot about treating people).  A year later, I bought Ginxy and he remains at Horse Haven under the expert care of Larri Davison Bowes. 

When Coronavirus departs and it is safe for us to resume our working lives, Larri & I will begin a new joint venture.  We will be teaching the Emmett 4 Horses introductory short course together. She will teach the 4 releases for horses, and I will teach the 2 releases for people and together we will share our passion for Emmett Technique.

More details can be found on my EMMETT for Animals page.


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