Ginxy & Annie

I am “Reflexology with Annie”.

I am a Reflexologist for people and an Emmett Therapist for people, horses and dogs. I love my job and and sadly, because of the current Coronavirus situation, I am missing it and the interaction I have with my clients very much.  In what now seems like a parallel universe, I run a busy practice from my treatment room in a pretty little hamlet in Cellan, near Lampeter, West Wales. 

In normal times, I balance my work as a therapist with my family life – Charlie (my dog), Pippin, Holly & Hazel (my cats) and Ginxy (my horse). When you come for a treatment with me, I ask you about your lives as part of my ongoing consultation process. This is a opportunity for you find out a little bit more about me! I’m hoping that these ‘Meet Your Therapist’ posts are going to be a chance to stay in touch with you over the coming days and weeks.

Stay safe, be kind, and let’s all count our blessings.



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