Reflexology with AnnieQ: Where do you work from?   

I work from a treatment room in a renovated outbuilding at my home in Cellan near Lampeter, with on-site parking for clients. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have disabled access. There are steps and uneven surfaces to negotiate,  but I hope to rectify that eventually.  However, I do offer a mobile treatment service, within a 10mile radius, for those who are housebound or unable to cope with the access as it is now.  In normal times, I regularly carry out treatments in a local care home and the Special Educational Needs unit in Lampeter school.

Treatment Room at Reflexology with Annie

My treatment room is quiet, calm, warm, and has an exceptionally comfortable chair that all my clients love.  My preference is to treat here, because I can control the environment.  As I write this, I am remembering the time I was treating a client in her home, when her neighbour let herself in, made a cup of coffee and sat down and started chatting to us!!



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